Brevard Pediatric Dental Associates offers a thorough dental program for children ages 1-14 and young adults 15-19. Your child’s initial visit begins with our TOOTH SCHOOL. You along with your child are shown exactly what we use for his or her cleaning and exam. You also learn about the teeth and the importance they play in the development of the child’s well-being and what to expect as they grow into their teenage years.

After TOOTH SCHOOL the Parent returns to the reception area while the child goes back with the assistant for teeth cleaning, a one minute fluoride treatment, X-rays if needed and a complete oral examination after which the parent is invited back to meet with the doctor for a short consultation.

The education we share with you is age appropriate. Each age group has some dental differences which become more detailed as the child grows. We answer any dental questions you may have concerning your child at this time. Our objective is for your child’s first visit to be a fun experience. It is very important that all our patients receive our best care and attention. Teeth can last a life time if proper care begins early on.Healthy teeth